30 of November 2008

West Highland White Terrier or “Westie” is a relatively recent breed. They were derived from white Cairn Terrier puppies in Scottland. These white puppies were bred to develop the West Highland variation. The Westie is basically a White Cairn Terrier - and an extremely popular breed.


- excerpt from Planet Dog a doglopedia


Cockapoo mix

30 of November 2008

 This little boy looked as though he had never been groomed in his life. Even though his hair has coarse, he had sheet matts all over his head and body. He was happy the whole time and giving me kisses. I really wanted to give him some style by leaving some hair somewhere. So, he ended up with some boots, a round head, and a lion tail. Sooo cute!




Shop Dogs - Aussiedoodle

25 of November 2008

Speck is a “designer breed” back when they were called mixed breeds. She has different colored eyes and a speck of blue in her brown eye. She loves to come to the shop for a visit and such a trooper for her grooming. But, this old girl is just as happy to go home for a well deserved rest. 



Itchy Skin???

23 of November 2008

Yes, dry itchy skin is a problem in Colorado. But, we also have fleas, lice, and ticks in Colorado. So, is it dry skin or is it bugs? How can you tell? The easiest and simplest way to tell is if the “flakes” are all the same shape and the dog is constantly scratching. In this case, it could be lice.

With each summer we groomers are seeing an increase in the number of cases. My own personal theory is more dogs are going to open spaces and doggy daycare, and at the same time wildlife are losing their inner city homes and moving into our yards.

The good news about lice, as opposed to fleas, is that they are species specific and live their whole lives on the dog. The bad news is that there are two types (biting and sucking), and killing them is more complicated. It takes shampoo, dips and a precise schedule.

You should let your veterinarian or groomer treat your dog because these shampoos and dips are poisonous and can harm your pet if accidently misused.

This is an article about lice that I found helpful: Dog lice - lice in dogs - Article on Pets.ca. But, just like I said, check with your veterinarian before you treat dog lice yourself.

Poor little Beignet is saying ”Orevwa” to her unwelcome guests.


19 of November 2008

Ace in the tub...



Pet grooming is unnatural. As groomers, we put our faces in the pet’s face, we hold body parts (usually against their will), we use sharp instruments near sensitive areas, we pour water all over them then dry it all off.

This is all very intimidating to the pet. It takes trust from both parties to have a successful groom. Building trust takes time. Sometimes, as a groomer, we have to try different things until we find the right way to make the pet feel safe and comfortable.

Kilty is a special old man. He has been following me around for years. I know my day will be a good one when I see him on the books!


Shop Dogs - Bichon

16 of November 2008

Bonnie is beautiful puffball. But underneath she is a real tom-boy. I’ve been grooming her every 4 weeks for 7 years. She is a very special girl.


Shop Dogs - Bouvier

16 of November 2008

Puccini is a BIG boy. What a goof ball and so handsome. He takes me 2.5-3 hours to groom him. Whew! 


Shop Dogs - Shih Tzu

16 of November 2008

Mocha is one of my senior citizens. He is very social and loves to say hi to all the dogs. Boy, is he a cutie! 

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